Cost Accounting

What you can do with this module:

  • Competence Assignment: Allocate costs and revenues in the right period!
  • Invoices to Receive/Issue: Show costs and revenues not yet "accurated" and incurred in Cost Account.
  • Show Budget Amount in Chart of Cost Centers and Chart of Cost Objects: Evaluate deviations from your budget by dimensions.
  • Setup recurring entries: Creates registrations that self-delete on the first day after registration.
  • Delete Cost Entries: Now you can delete even in a range of Cost ledgers, without risking deleting general ledger entries.
  • Copy Cost Entries: Duplicate registrations to speed up your process or reverse your past.
  • Setting Global Dimension 1 as Mandatory in Income Statement G/L Accounts: Ensure your analysis are always with the right dimensions and squared.
  • Modify Cost Center and Cost Object value in Cost Entries: Can you do that in Business Central? Now you can.
  • Exclude Dimension Check in Cost Accounting: Post with both Cost accounting dimensions at the same time, without making any allocations.
  • No. Series in Cost Journal: What in BC is ONLY available in general ledger, now you can also do it in cost ledger.